You're Human Spam (and you love it)

from by Numinous Rebels of PUM

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the most cutting technology
devoted to finding our most atavistic, stupid instincts,
and using those to sell products
we didn't even know we needed 3 years ago, now can't live without
repetition, addiction ,pleasure centers, herd mentality,
hard-wired risk blindness
all mapped and quantified at the neural level
sold to the highest bidder

we set out to make AI,
but that's hard, particularly because humans are so irrational
it's so much easier to turn you into robots
all you need is 'incentives.'

i had 3 likes, now i have 6! tell me what to do to get 9!
this gives my life meaning by assigning numbers to my happiness!
thanks, technology! turns out human irrationality
is the key to our ongoing robotification.
life . . .. life is funny that way.

"I really don't like it,
fuck your facebook! fuck your facebook!"

Who needs spam when the users pester
each other to sign up for bullshit faster?

want to be my friend? you have to be on fartbook.
want to swap data? hit me on drop-turd
nevermind how you're doing, check out this cool joke!
You have to click through 20 ads to see the next panel!
and if you don't send me one back, we're not pals.
that's how it works, now; LOL cancer.
you're human spam and you love it.

"I really don't like it,
fuck your facebook! fuck your facebook!"


from EXTRUDED ASSUMPTIONS, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


schultzzz California

One-man-band! Home recordings! Small town alienation! Absurd humor and musical complexity! Various levels of quality! Songs (as opposed to albums) free DL.

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