Smash the State, Eurovision Style

from by Numinous Rebels of PUM

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(to the tune of the 1979 eurovision song 'djenghis khan')


i wanna smash! smash! smash the state!
then we can all go and masturbate!
let's all go smash! smash! smash the state!
there's no need to procrastinate
kill the politicians kill all the preists
kill all the bankers, nothing but thieves
will a landlord live? homeboy oh pleaaaaase
get it get it get it on and

all go smash! smash! smash the state!
jobs and money is
smash! Smash!Smash the state
then we can all listen to Cr@ss 'til late
mommy can't tell me to turn it down
forage for morsels in the center of town
metermaid guts fifteen cents per pound?!?!?
eatem eatem eatem up and

smash! smash! smash the state!
fuck the gods like a horny apostate!
let's all go smash! smash! smash the state!
go to Mr. Rushmore and blast a face!!!!
let's get-it-on like Ghengis Khan
until every Sheik and and king is gone
CEOs work at the "pink salon"
fuckem fuckem fuckem when we

smash! smash! smash the state!
say Fuck the Army just like Cassius Clay
let's all go smash! smash! smash the state!
fuck the president 'cause his ass is fake
"do what you like", I ain't trying to be funny
it's the missing link between crowley and humpty (?!?!?)
no more property [work?] no more money

I ordered Anarchy Burger, so pass the plate!
pluck a coach's eyeball and masticate
publicly inflate an elastic mate
give her a drastic taste of ass-to-face

while blasting a Plasmatics tape
and if the MALL cops come to harass, that's great:
crucify 'em ALL like a Passion Play
put their blood on the WALLS like Manson Tate

nerve gas bombs, that's the fastest way
rock the casbah, as the Clash would say.
perhaps this experiment was a vast mistake
all the bosses we killed get fast replaced

by militias and kidnappers with masking tape
as we all revert to a savage fate
Gee, Civilizational collapse is great!
as Utopia burns, let's just trash the place

smash! smash! smash the state!
let's all misceginate the master race!
let's all go smash! smash! smash the state!
Challenger the teachers, let 'em crash in space
stuff Hannity in [the] cavity of a manatee
go on hunger strike against gravity
no laws of physics just @narchy!!!!!
dammit dammit dammit dammit

smash! smash! smash the state!
F.V.K. in effect like the Baddest brains!
let's all go smash! smash! smash the state!
pass me the hammer and pass the stake!
teabag a cop with your left-side nut
start a wicked moshpit inside your own butt
there's no rules so I'M NOT RHYME


from EXTRUDED ASSUMPTIONS, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


schultzzz California

One-man-band! Home recordings! Small town alienation! Absurd humor and musical complexity! Various levels of quality! Songs (as opposed to albums) free DL.

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