Freedom Comma Fucked

from by Numinous Rebels of PUM

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i'm free to pollute
you're free to live in the mess
i'm free to gamble your pension
you're free to eat some alpo
i'm free to make the profit
you're free to assume the risk

I'm free to write the contract
you're free to sign without reading
or not sign and live in a ditch
freedom is fucking amazing.

you got all the rights that you can afford
you got all the rights that you can afford
you got all the rights that you can afford

you're free to hold a plackard
i'm free to take out $20million
of ads . . . . .. everyone's free!

i'm free to break the law
because I can afford the fine
you're free to beat the meter
you know you'll do time

you got all the
rights you can af-
ford you got all
the rights you can
af ford you got
all the rights you
can aff ford you
got all the rights
you can aff ford!

'right to work' means freedom to be fired
you got a right to work as a stripper
you got a right to join the army
you got a right to take out as many loans as you can!

why didn't you invent microsoft?
why didn't you invent a jetpack?
you abused your freedom
you deserve to suffer
mr. lazybones

You're free to hold a poster, in the 'free speech enclosure'
i'm free to buy a million ads from coast to coast-uh
“Everyone’s freeeee!!!!”

I am free to buy leaders
You’re free to choose the one that looks prettiest
While enforcing all of my laws
Or make an image macro
Where they say funny things.

it's all good

Freedom ain't free - let's invade some guys!
Freedom of speech - citizens united!
freedom of choice - Coke or Pepsi?
Free shiny apps - track your every move!
Buy a logo - free personality!
You lost your job - that's the free market
now you're in debt - from a free credit card
now you're in jail - get one free phone cal

free Mumia - free heroin - free hugs - free punch in the face with every purchase of $400 or more


from EXTRUDED ASSUMPTIONS, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


schultzzz California

One-man-band! Home recordings! Small town alienation! Absurd humor and musical complexity! Various levels of quality! Songs (as opposed to albums) free DL.

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